Martin Brundle talks about overtaking in F1 – (Pre DRS)

This was always one of my favorite ‘instructional’ videos about overtaking in Formula 1. Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell have been tag-teaming together in motorsport for a long while, so it was only fitting that they were featured in this video.

Of course, some of the things covered here are semi-negated with the introduction of DRS. But thankfully, we still have GP2 to watch if we want to see more pure overtaking moves going right/wrong. 😉 (I kid, I kid.)

What does a Formula 1 CEO do?- Alex Burns, Williams F1 CEO

For most motorsport fans, the drivers are the people who fans remember most. They are at the center stage, competing for the victory. However in the background, there are hundreds of people pushing hard weeks before the car even gets to the track.

Before his resignation, I highlighted a video of Sam Michael, who was William’s former technical director. This video features Alex Burns who is Williams F1’s CEO. Take a quick look at this video and learn more about the people in the background who make these cars so complete.