Keiichi Tsuchiya- A man who divides my opinion.

Keiichi Tsuchiya has always been a driver that has had divided opinions with me. He is best known as the Drift King. He is one of the key figures who grew awareness of drifting overseas through the Option Video/Best Motoring series.  He is an accomplished JGTC racer and also had a successful tour at LeMans.

He’s a unique character; part serious racer and part entertainer. Maybe that’s how it should be, or maybe that’s crazy.

Although thousands of people know about Tsuchiya’s skill in the AE86 in the art of drift, I wanted to feature some videos about his JGTC career. It’s something that few people know much about.

Honestly, I can never decide if I like Tsuchiya or not. His passion for racing, for tuning cars is inspiring. However some of his showmanship, I’ve found to be borderline annoying.  I’m still torn what I think about him.

Watch these videos, and let me know what you think about the man. He’s definately a person who has shaped how I think about cars. I’ve just never determined whether it was better or worse for it. 😉

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AE86 vs. EK9- Best Motoring Video

Lately, I’ve been finding myself redeveloping my interest into tuning road-cars again. When I first grew an interest into cars, I spent alot of time looking at Japanese compacts that could be tuned faster. I’ve always had an interest for cars with small displacement engines, hence why I own a Miata, that could be modified into a custom fun-machine.

Best Motoring videos were my first access into the world of tuning cars. I used to go down to Fry’s or Chinatown, and purchase several DVD to watch endlessly over and over.  It didn’t matter that I didn’t understand what they were saying.

You don’t need to understand Japanese to understand cars. Honestly, I think that ‘car’ is a univeral language.

*Thanks to Speedhunters for the videofind.