James May only seems to like being trained by F1 Champions…

It doesn’t matter if he’s called Captain Slow, James May really loves to drive.  He’s done a rally school with two-time F1 World Champion Mika Hakkinen, and here is doing a lapping day with three-time World Champion Jackie Stewart.

We love Jackie Stewart here. One of our holy-artists of driving technique, as the herald of smooth driving. Stewart’s driving technique focuses on smooth inputs and efficient driving.


Maybe Alain Prost will teach him how to go ice racing soon.

Sebastian Vettel on Top Gear- (Video)

Sebastian Vettel is one of those drivers that has grown on me over the last season. Watching interviews like these really gives you a better understanding of the type of person that Vettel is.  It’s hard to really dislike this guy after watching a video like this.

Give it a watch, and get a better understanding of the young man.

Still not a fan of the finger, though.