What do you want to see on |StartingGrid| in ’15?


In 2014, I didn’t post on |StartingGrid| nearly as much as I’ve wanted to. Mostly, because I was focused on getting my feet stable in competition karting. I’m not upset with that at all, but I decided at the end of the year that I wanted to put more attention back into having fun with the blog.

I’ve been chatting with some people about some topic ideas that would be fun to write about, so below are some of my ideas.

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Street Parked: All I know is, I need this Saab!

So today, while I was pulling my race kart chassis out of storage to prepare for this season, I came across this Saab sitting in the corner of the parking lot.


Ignore the monitor sitting on the dash. This car needs to be driven…now!

I have a thing for odd-ball cars. (Clearly, not as much as Bret does. 😉 ) However, any modified Saab certainly qualifies. The thing is, like with my last Street-Parked post, I don’t know much about this car! Not the model, nothing! (facepalm)

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