|Video| #F1 Hamilton-Rosberg steering wheel comparison

Check out this video, which compares the differences between Lewis Hamilton’s steering wheel and his teammate Nico Rosberg.

It’s super interesting to learn how many small differences are created for the driver, just due to preference. Especially once you see how many controls are on an F1 steering wheel! (link)

|Video| Driver replaces his own steering wheel…mid-race!

I’m not sure whether this falls into the ‘brave’ or ‘stupid’ category, when Jeroen Slaghekke replaces his steering wheel during a Formula Renault race after noticing that he’s having electrical problems.

Better than losing a place in the race? I’ll let you guys be the judge of that…

|Technique| Want to be faster?- Start by loosening your grip…

 *I believe that the more information that you have as a driver, the better your opportunities will be on track. I’m going to be writing a few articles about how I believe you can improve your driving form. Let me know what you think by leaving comments on the StartingGrid Facebook or Twitter pages!

As a driver, the higher quality of kinesthesia that your body receives, the more likely you will achieve a positive on track performance. The inputs that you feel through the road surface, the tires, suspension and the chassis help to determine what decisions you end up making on track.

So it would benefit you to have the best input surfaces possible. Over the next few articles, I will focus on how the driver can improve his sensitivity in some of the key contact areas of the body with the car/kart. I’ll talk about how the brain inputs the signals that it is receiving, and what changes you can make to improve the quality of your driving inputs.
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Mercedes GP Video: How many controls are on a F1 Steering Wheel?

We’ve been talking about how complicated Formula One steering wheels have been made since the days of Senna and Prost. However, we just found a video that really explains how complicated the 2011 steering wheels are. Nico’s says it best when they ran out of space to put some buttons on the front, so they had to put some buttons on the back! Insane.

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