|Technique| Mental tips to drive faster: Breathe


You don’t need to be Lewis Hamilton in order to get faster.

Amateur racers can improve themselves if they practice a little bit each day. There are simple things that drivers can do to improve their racing that only take 15 to 30 minutes per day, and cost you very little. The sweet thing is that a lot drivers aren’t even attempting to do many of these little things during their ‘downtime’. That gives you an advantage.

You’ve got 30 minutes today, right? Then you can start becoming faster.

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Relaxation: The art of controlling your destiny.

When do you make the best decisions?

Is it when you are tense, upset and stressed? Or is it when you are relaxed and focused. I hope, for the sake of your blood pressure, that it’s the latter. People make better decisions when they are relaxed. By being more relaxed, the brain is able process data with a higher quality, and make more informed critical decisions.

That’s great, but what does that have to do with racing? (I know that’s the question you’re asking…) Being able to learn how to relax is a key skill that allows you to feel more comfortable on the racetrack, and have more confidence in your ability to make decisions when required. When a driver is relaxed, they are able to become ‘fully integrated’ which provides the ability to extract the maximum performance out of the machine.

Relax to get the maximum out of yourself and the machine.

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