Urban Outlaw- Talking ’bout Porsches

Cars are a part of our life. They get in our blood, and you can never get them out. This trailer reminds me of the ‘Depth of Speed’ video that Bret uncovered last week.  It’s inspiring to see someone who has such a depth of passion of a particular brand of automobile lifestyle.

This time it’s Porsche. Watch and enjoy. I hope this video causes you to chase after what inspires you.

|Photo| – RWB Photo Bomb!

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From the beginning of time, I’ve been a fan of Raul-Welt Porsches. I’ve already done some posts on why I respect Nakai-san, and his desire to build his version of the perfect car. I just noticed that I had a lot of photos of Raul-Welt Porsches saved on my drive, and I decided that I wanted to share them with you.

Note: I didn’t take any of these photos, but one day I will go to Japan and take some myself.

Taking a stop by Cantrell Motorsports

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So Kyoko has Cantrell Motorsports plastered all over her. I figured that it was about time to find the place and take a look inside. The shop is based in Kirkland, surprisingly on my normal commute to work. I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ running around with his jaw dropped at some of the cool cars I saw, but I couldn’t help myself. I am ‘that guy’. 😉

I was impressed with what I saw being worked on inside, like an E30  had been stripped down to the frame, and a Lotus Espirt. However, my personal-favorite was a silver E36 four-door with a cage inside.  *heart-skip beat*