Order Your Juke-R Now

2012 Nissan Juke R
Remember the Juke-R? Nissan has crumbled to the demands of ultra wealthy sheiks and footy stars and decided to produce a limited run of their bonkers Godzilla powered CUV. For the next four weeks you can order your very own Juke R. This 550+ hp all wheel driver is the biggest wolf you’ll ever see stuffed in a sheep suit.

For a taste of what driving this might be like, give our pal Joey Sim’s autocross impression a read. Mind you, the Juke R isn’t quite as earth shatteringly dominant as a GTR, it’s a bit taller and more aerodynamically brick-like. The heart of Godzilla is inside though, just waiting to defeat ZL1 and GT500 Smog Monsters at a track day near you.

I want one. I want one bad. Is there a mega-hella-lotto I can win in the next three and a half weeks?

Photo by Nissan

Street Parked: Snow Driving Straight Sixes

Seattle’s hills and mild climate make for treacherous snow driving as our snow melts and refreezes our streets into curling sheets just waiting to send bendy buses jack-knifing into phone poles.

During our most recent icepocalypse I enjoyed a stroll through my neighborhood and found today’s two inline six powered cars parked less than a block from each other. One is a historic icon of motoring, and the other is a JDM Skyline GT-R.
It's a Signet, that's good right?GT over R equals awesome.

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