|Formula 1| Mercedes W04- If looks could win races. #f1


After a frustrating server crash foiled the teaser launch promotion on the Mercedes website this weekend, it’s nice to finally see real pictures of the car. Again this is just my opinion, but if looks could win races then the Mercedes W04 would be miles ahead of everyone else.

As always, you can find pictures of the car all over the web, but click to see the launch video after the jump.

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|Video|- Nico Rosberg explains the seating position in a #F1 car.

Sitting in a Formula 1 car isn’t really actually ‘sitting down’. In reality, it’s more of a lie-down position. Recent grand-prix winner, Nico Rosberg provides more insight into the effects of a grand-prix driver’s seating position.

Imagine if we had to drive our road-cars this way? Jeezus.

F1 Video- Nico Rosberg explains helmets in Formula 1

Mercedes GP has been releasing videos throughout the year, featuring Nico Rosberg, highlighting various small features in Formula 1. This time Nico details the importance of the helmet to a Formula 1 driver, when it comes to safety and to aerodynamics.

I love these insight videos, much like the ones that were developed by Pirelli, because they provide cool nerd tech information about the world of Formula 1.

Plus in some small way, it improves Nico Rosberg’s visibility. A driver who could really use an increase in his market value in the world of Formula 1.

Nico Rosberg explains the HANS Device – (Buemi needs one during German GP FP1)

Watching FP1 of the German Grand Prix, I saw how Sebastian Buemi’s head bounced around when his Toro Rosso was through airborne into a gravel trap. (Crazy stuff. That must be super- uncomfortable. )

Right then, I started to think about how his HANS device was keeping his head and neck safe during all of the choas.

Are gravel traps safe for Formula 1 cars? (I know it works well for Moto GP...)

Doing some research on how the device works, Nico Rosberg and Mercedes GP have released a video which explains the HANS device and it’s importance as a safety device. Take a look and learn why it’s now become a pivotal tool in driver safety.

Mercedes GP – Nico Rosberg & the importance of Formula One seatbelts

I do really like these Mercedes GP/Allianz commercials, even if they are a bit of a Health and Safety/TSA annoucement. This time Nico Rosberg explains Formula 1 harnesses. I did find it interesting to learn how to the harness and fittings are made.

Take a look and let me know if you find this nerd-tech to be interesting.