Street Parked: 1966 Chrysler 300 Convertible

I parked next to this stunning Mopar the other day. My Miata looked like a little red dinghy rafted alongside this classy and cool sleeper yacht. Look at those sidepipes with the open cutouts. I bet this thing makes great sounds.

This car came with either a 383 or 440 cubic inch engine and made at least 325 horsepower. The top of the line “TNT” 440 made 365 horsepower and 480 lbs/ft of torque which was enough power to launch this car to 60 in 7 and a half seconds. That was quick for its time.

This car, with its not stock exhaust and probable other modifications, almost certainly has more power than when it was new.

A car like this is meant for cruising. Look at that interior, it’s begging for a street to rumble down on a sunny day.

The shot above was taken from the driver’s seat of my Miata. While my Miata is low, this 300 would tower over it even if I had a stock suspension.

Nineteen Sixty Six was the first year of Chrysler’s 300 series of cars to not have a “letter car” option. Each year, Chrysler would offer a loaded 300 with a letter after its name; the letter changing every year. The last of the “letter cars” was the 1965 300L.

Lack of letter model notwithstanding, these were fairly exclusive cars with only 2500 convertibles being made. This is my current pick for the best car for a summer cruise.

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Street Parked: Seattle Police Cruiser

I’m serving jury duty this week and spotted this restored 1970 Plymouth Satellite parked outside City Hall.


According to the Seattle Police Museum, this is an original Seattle Police car that has been restored. It has a 383 cubic inch “Super Commando” engine with a four barrel carburetor. The museum notes that it was popular with the officers because of its speed and maneuverability.


This car is used at festivals and public events as a goodwill ambassador for the Seattle Police Department. Wonder if chief Diaz would let me take it for a spin?

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