|SCCA Runoffs| My Runoffs Experience – Kyle Keenan

(L to R) Travis Washay, Kyle Keenan, and David Daughtery

(L to R) Travis Washay, Kyle Keenan, and David Daughtery

I’ll never forget riding in our $200 Nissan pick up truck, on our way home from our first go-kart race. Just as we were about to get on the freeway, my Dad looks over, and quietly says “Kyle, I’m sorry……I wish I could give you the equipment everyone else has.” As I sat there, half confused as to what he meant, by the time I got home I knew exactly what it meant. Since that day, I’ve been 100% devoted to my racing efforts. From racing a bike around the block, to a Spec Miata while 3-wide down the back straight at Portland, it’s been a long, crazy road, one that ironically enough, ended up putting Team KBR and myself on the top step of the podium at the SCCA Runoffs.
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|Video| Mazda RX-8 shows who is boss in FIA Rallycross Championship

I’ve been watching plenty of rallycross videos, since catching notice of Subaru’s Launch Control series on Youtube. However what I recently found, I thought was worth sharing. Although you’d think that AWD would rule the Rallycross arena, the 2wd class has some exciting battles too.

Enter this RX-8. It isn’t the car that I would think of when selecting a 2WD rallycross car, but this one has got the business all over it!

First Autocross After Too Long


As I write this, I’m sitting in a truck on the road to San Diego to compete in the 2013 SCCA Pacific Southwest National Tour autocross event in San Diego. You may recall that in my last post, I mentioned some nervousness about jumping into the deep end of competition. To ease my nerves, and get familiar with Sean Green’s new Miata, I entered last weekend’s Western Washington Sports Car Council autocross.

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Street Parked: REPu!

Rotary Power

The Mazda Rotary Engine Pickup, or “REPu”, was one of the more interesting vehicles Mazda made in the 1970s.  Before the surge in fuel prices caused by the OPEC shenanigans of 1973, Mazda was offering the fun but inefficient rotary engine in just about every car it sold.  The REPu was the most utilitarian rotary powered option.
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Mazda 767B- My rebuttal to Bret’s Ligier Matra. ;)

After listening to Bret’s Liger video that he posted earlier today, I read the tag at the bottom of his post. – ‘I wish my car made these sounds’

It started to get me thinking about what sounds I wished my car made. Then it hit me. 13J rotor + 9000rpm = Sounds I wish my car made.


Think you can “+1” this one, Bret? 😉  (Please do! Pretty, please!)