|Video| Fact: Women who can drive well are sexy…

If you’re a car guy, it’s a fact. then we all know this to be true. It doesn’t matter how they look, if they can handle a car well, then they are beautiful. (Well it does matter really, it’s just a super-added- plus bonus. ;))

Sumika Kubokawa, from Team Orange, is a great example of a woman who can really tear it up. Skilled female drifter = Car Control + Common Sense.

Just get a cheap car and start practicing!

Roughridden Parked Subaru- Drift?

Found this photo at random during my lunchbreak.

Taken in the classic JDM drift-parking lot, I don’t know much about it. I do know however, I love it. (In a way that I’m apart ashamed of.)

You can tell that someone took Toyota Chaser headlights and fixed them to the front, which only the Japanese would think to do. Can anyone help me do some research and find out more about this wagon?

Anyone know any more about it?

More on that JDM Ferrari 308

After catching an image of it yesterday, I couldn’t get this car out of my mind. I had to do some more research on it.  The body armor is a Koenig Special kit, and the car is being tuned and maintained by Nakamura Engineering in Japan. I haven’t found any performance specifications on it yet, but when I do I’ll update this thread.

I’m also taking a moment to try out a new ‘Gallery’ function on the image posts. How do you guys like it? Would you rather have image posts displayed this way from now on, or displayed throughout the text as before? Let me know, and I’ll be trying out the new setting for a few posts.