|Shakedown| -Allan McNish Tells How The 2014 #F1 Cars Will Drive

So take it from someone who has driven in Formula 1, and has massive experience with racing hybrid cars. Allan McNish is probably the most qualified person to be explaining how the cars will feel in Formula 1 for 2014.

Besides, it’s always good to get a Shakedown video where a former driver is the star. You learn so much about how they think. Watch and enjoy.

|Formula 1| Ferrari launches online and Force India hits the ground running #F1


Today, Sahara Force India and Ferrari both launched their cars for the 2013 Season. Force India launched their car at Silverstone, combined with a private demonstration of the car. Ferrari launched their car via an online webcast.

As always, anyone can find pictures of the new cars all over the web, but I like to provide videos of the car launches. Check them both out after the jump.

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These #F1 onboard helmet camera views are #&%@ing awesome!!!

As a Formula 1 mega-nerd, I am loving the 2012 season. With more media teams covering the races, the fans get more access and information than ever before. One cool feature is a new cameraview from the helmets of the drivers. It’s pretty cool to see what they are looking at, from as close to their viewpoint as this.

Check out this view of Paul DiResta during the Chinese Grand Prix last week.

Rumor is that if you buy SkySportsF1HD, then you can watch entire races from this view. (But being in the United States, I don’t think that we can access that.) Oh well, back to streaming feeds for me!

#F1- Duckbilled Force India VMJ-05 on track

I’m going to start to call the new ’12 F1 cars that have the taper-nose, ‘Duckbills’. That being said, I don’t think that they look too terrible when they’re moving on track!

I’m super excited for the 2012 F1 season to get started. I love the testing season, because it’s like Christmas for Formula 1 fans! New cars, and everyone is happy and excited for the new year.

I’m not sure how much time I’m going to have to work on the ‘Fantasy F1’ season that I planned for, but the racing will be exciting nonetheless.