Lamborghini Aventador J Roadster – It’s real and I want one.

Since the VW Group took over Lamborghini, I’ve always felt that the Italian supercars have been too neutered and understated as modern supercars. For example: Compare the 80’s Countach to the Gallardo. I bet five dollars that the elder Countach’s flaired arches, sissor doors and V12 engine will get your blood pumping more than the modern cheese-wedge of the Gallardo.

However, this latest Lamborghini concept could provide me the excitement that I was looking for. All without adding a flight-mode or rocket boosters.

The J (pronouced ‘Jota’) Roadster just reminds me of a super-powered KTM X-Bow, and I love that. Powered by the same V12 that is in the coupe, the J Roadster will be making 700hp and capable of 186mph. The lack of windscreen means that occupants will need a helmet, much like the Caterham/KTM/Ariel Atom equivalent.
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