|Video|Petrov in @MyCaterhamF1 overtakes Massa in @InsideFerrari! – Awesome!

Followers of |StartingGrid| know that I’m a huge Formula 1 fan. This isn’t something that you see everyday, where a Caterham overtakes a Ferrari in a Grand Prix.

Watch how Vitaly Petrov is able to keep pace with Felipe Massa, and make a pass in the DRS zone for 15th place during the 2012 European GP.  (Massa’s teammate Alonso is leading the race at this point.) Continue reading

|Formula 1| Ferrari launches online and Force India hits the ground running #F1


Today, Sahara Force India and Ferrari both launched their cars for the 2013 Season. Force India launched their car at Silverstone, combined with a private demonstration of the car. Ferrari launched their car via an online webcast.

As always, anyone can find pictures of the new cars all over the web, but I like to provide videos of the car launches. Check them both out after the jump.

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|Video| – Vettel does an impression of Alonso, plus a combo breaker! #F1

Nico Rosberg infuriated Fernando Alonso during the Bahrain GP weekend by nearly squeezing him off the track, claiming it as a defensive move.  Alonso spent the following week, making a comment to the press about how driver conduct in Formula 1 needs to improve. A fact that personally, I think holds water.

At least when concerning driver conduct, I generally agree with Alonso’s. (I’ve never thought that I would be one to agree with a comment that came from Alonso in the past!)¬†Although my personal¬†impression of Alonso¬†has changed over the last few years, I knew eventually someone would make a jab-¬†reference to one of Fernando’s ‘less than polite’ past actions. You don’t become a two-time world champion by just being nice all the time.

Who would have thought that the burn would have come from Sebastian Vettel! Check out this video during today’s FIA¬†press conference, and Vettel’s wicked Alonso impression.

Check out the video before it gets tagged.