Street Parked: 1977 Pontiac Astre Formula

Firechicken patina
Autocrossing LeMons Racing Photographer friend of StartingGrid Alan Dahl spotted this rare Malaise Era Pontiac of Canadian origin and sent in these shots. Yes, I said Canadian origin; this car was developed on the H-body platform as a small car for the Canadian market. The Astre shares its H-body underpinnings with such legendary crusher fodder as the Chevrolet Vega, Buick Skyhawk, and Oldsmobile Starfire.
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Ayrton Senna: Pictures from Imola 1994

The Ayrton Senna documentary is now available for purchase on DVD in North America (finally!). Davin reviewed this movie here at StartingGrid during its theatrical release. While I agree with all the criticisms Davin had about the film overlooking Senna’s exploits in the lesser formulas and particularly Senna’s input in the development of the Honda/Acura NSX (a car equal to the Ford GT40 for its impact on the established exotic car makers), I cannot give this film anything less than an enthusiastic “two thumbs up”. What can I say?

Ayrton Senna is my hero and will always be the best driver that ever was to me. The Senna documentary is a great piece of film making that will hopefully share Ayrton’s Promethean driving talent with generations to come.

Let’s commemorate his memory with some pictures my friend Alan Dahl shot at Imola in 1994. Alan was there visiting an autocross friend who found himself working for Scuderia Ferrari as a computer programmer (talk about a dream job! “I’m a programmer for the Ferrari F1 team, you?”). I’ve shared some of Alan’s work before.

Senna P1 - photo by Alan Dahl

Ayrton Senna leading the San Marino Grand Prix, May 1, 1994 Photo by Alan Dahl

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Fine Art Friday: Mazda 767B On Film And Canvas

We’ve seen the Mazda 767B┬ábefore and admired the sound it makes. Today, let’s admire two images of this race car created and captured by racing friends of StartingGrid, John Kimball and Alan Dahl.

First up is John’s drawing of the 767B. Go here for more of John’s artwork. You may have seen John’s hauntingly moving image of Steve Jobs. Thanks John for letting us use your image.
Mazda 767B by John J. Kimball

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