Three anime that get me psyched to go racing


As follower of my blog know, I love racing. I get inspired by many so many elements of motorsport. However, one of my hidden secrets is my love of racing animes and mangas.

There something about how them that make me just want to get into my kart and hit the track. So, since I was in the middle of binge watching through some right now, I wanted to share three of my favorite anime that inspire me to go racing.  So let’s get started with a classic… Continue reading

|Technique| How to plan your test days to get faster #theartofkart


One of the advantages of karting, is the copious access to practice time that you can get compared to other motorsports. Most kart tracks are owned by clubs, so the entry fees are affordable enough for racers to get more seat time.

You’re going to need to have a plan of how to best maximize your time, if you’re going to take advantage of that extra seat time . Below are some quick tips about how to have a more effective practice day the next time that you’re out at the track karting. Continue reading

@OversteerTV – Podcast on our Pikes Peak Trip #ppihc #karting

Anthony from, recorded a podcast about our Pikes Peak Trip, (which ironically we wrote about on an entirely different site. ;)) . It just went live a few days ago. We covered Pikes Peak, and spoke a bit about StartingGrid.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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Rocket Bunny FRS/GT86- Sex on wheels.

When the Scioyabru GT86-FRS-BRZ came out into the market, I was immensely underwhelmed by the finished result. I thought that the car was lacking presence, in what should have been one of the most impactful cars in the tuning scene today.

Fortunately Rocket Bunny was forward thinking enough to develop a wide-body kit, which transforms the car into an absolute lust object. Followers on our Facebook page will have seen all of the pictures that I keep posting every time I see one.

Those riveted fenders and GT wing just seal it for me.  Thanks to Maiham-Media for the video.

|Exclusive| First Tesla Model S in the Northwest

Model S pulls away
This is the very first Tesla Model S delivered in the Northwest. I happened upon this car as I was walking home tonight and the Tesla Service Center guys were nice enough to let me in to drool with them all over this car. I’ve written about the Tesla Service guys before, they’re motoring enthusiasts of the highest order.
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|Auto Webfind| – VW R32 Powered Lotus Elise

I’ve decided that this car is absolutely brilliant!

Although the S1 Lotus is still up on the all-time list of driver’s cars, the K-Series Rover engine that powered it was always the weakpoint of the platform.  The engine was generally inexpensive, but you always pay later when you start cheap. Stories go of drivers having to replace heads and massive oil-leaks, even at low-mileages.

So, what do you do when you have a lightweight mid-engine car, but you need more reliable power? Swap the motor, of course. The 3.2 liter from the VW R32 wouldn’t have been my first thought, as far as a list of engines, but I praise the originality!

Now, I found this car via a German website. I don’t understand German, but the language of ‘automobile’ is always universal.