|Technique| Three ways to make the most out of a challenging race weekend

Davin (16)

We’ve all had race weekends, where nothing seems to go right. It happens to every racer at some point. Either you’re off the pace in every session, missing something key on the setup, or the machine just doesn’t seem to want to run correctly. What can be even more infuriating is that you might not have a reason for your performance at the time. It’s just slow!

As a racer, being off the pace and not understanding why is one of the most frustrating scenarios. However, it is important to stay focused, as that track time is still very valuable. If you know how to maximize the opportunities of the situation, you can start to working your way back towards the front of the pack.

Below are three quick tips on how to make the most out of a challenging race weekend:
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|World Formula| – Datalogging: Taking notes before getting started #kart


Just recently, I picked up an AIM Mychron 4 and GPS attachment, so I could start gathering more data on my performances when racing my competition kart.

As we’re getting used to the technology, my teammates and I are learning more about how to approach using data acquisition tools. What I decided to do is catalog what we’re learning as we discover new ways to use these tools to go faster.

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|Technique| The Art of Walking the Track


Walking the track gives you the opportunity to pick up more details, which will help make you faster.

Would you be interested in being able to get three or four more practice laps than everyone else? What if I told you that during these laps, you would have the opportunity to closely examine areas of the track that no one else will be able to see for the entire weekend.

All you need to do is arrive at the track early and walk it.

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|Video| Lewis Hamilton explains his driving position #F1

As most of us know, driving position is critical when it comes to providing a solid performance in any car or kart.

Although none of us are driving Formula 1 cars, take a look at this video and think about what your own racing position is like. Can it be more comfortable? Your body remembers a lot of the feedback that you’re getting from the seat. So the more comfortable you are, the better your performance will be.
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|Technique| Mental tips to drive faster: Breathe


You don’t need to be Lewis Hamilton in order to get faster.

Amateur racers can improve themselves if they practice a little bit each day. There are simple things that drivers can do to improve their racing that only take 15 to 30 minutes per day, and cost you very little. The sweet thing is that a lot drivers aren’t even attempting to do many of these little things during their ‘downtime’. That gives you an advantage.

You’ve got 30 minutes today, right? Then you can start becoming faster.

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