Rush: Ron Howard’s Twitter Shots


Ron Howard’s movie: Rush has been very warmly received by fans of racing and good movies alike. I immediately followed filmmaker Ron Howard on Twitter when I heard he was starting production of this movie.  Mr. Howard is a very good tweeter, sharing lots of details about his current projects; he did provided a gearhead’s feast during Rush production.

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Ferrari Friday: Cuban Tifosi

DSC_4118 copy

Ferrari fans are everywhere. On my trip to Cuba I was surprised to see Scuderia Ferrari stickers on an interesting variety of cars. Here are a few cars I was able to get pictures of after noticing the sticker. Normally each of these cars would have gotten a whiplash inducing response from me. In Cuba these are run of the mill cars; perhaps not the Alfa, that one was a surprise. The 1952 Chevrolet above also appears to have a Ford 5.0 badge.
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|Reader’s Submission| John Pattison strikes again at JapFest 2013!


Is that a StartingGrid sticker in the rear window? I do believe that it is!

We love getting submissions to |StartingGrid|, especially from our international readers.  John Pattison has always been particularly awesome, sharing pictures of his Starlet V with us either here on the blog our on our Facebook page.

(I think the fact that he got some stickers from us helps with the motivation. jk 😉 )

John was down at Japfest2013 recently, and snapped some pictures to share here with everyone on the blog. Click on the bump below to get a sight of what was shown in the UK.

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