The Healey: Fixing Leaks, Blowing Off Cobwebs

Healey Uncovered
Last week I mentioned that the Healey had a carburetor issue related to a sticking float valve. This would explain the fuel economy that barely broke into double figures on the last tank, not to mention the smell of unburned gasoline that enveloped the car when idling. Just switching the Healey’s ignition on would cause a disturbing stream of gasoline to run out of the overflow on the forward carburetor. Clearly this issue needs to be resolved before I take the Healey out for early Spring hooning.
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|Project Asuka| – A red-headed homecoming!

Well, it’s the moment that we’ve all been waiting for! Project Asuka has finally arrived on my doorstep!


I’ve been looking for a second project car to act as a backup for Project Kyoko, as well as be some cheap fun for the spring/summer autocross season. Asuka is a car that I purchased from a friend at a price so low, we might as well call it a gift. (Thanks!)

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|Project Kyoko| Not fixed…just less broken.

What happens when you have two valve covers? TJ tries to pretend that you have V8 swapped in...

What happens when you have two valve covers?
TJ tries to pretend that you have V8 swapped in…

Just a quick snap of TJ and I playing around with Project K today. The Miata hasn’t been running very smoothly lately. So once again, I have a list of parts to replace longer than my arm. New header, which has cracked again, a few next belts and other odds and ends.

It’ll make for another good post when I get around to fixing all of it. (That’s what I keep telling myself…) Or I will have gotten fed up and just got into another project. 😉

Anyway, stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated with something meaty next time.

|Project Kyoko| – “Got 99 problems, but a VLSD ain’t one.”


New turnsignals and a ‘new’ VLSD have been the latest updates on Project Kyoko.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a project log update on Project Kyoko. The reason was that she had been off the road for a while with a busted VLSD. The car had an unbearable gear whine that was just terrible. So I spent much of the holiday season messing around with Project MR2, and researching where I could find a suitable 1.6 replacement.

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