Cars V Trains: Fixing cars

In my last post, we saw how trains we’re poking ahead slightly in this battle, partly down to cost. One of the ways we could all save a few pennies, especially in this climate where companies seek to get every last penny they can from us, is to get our hands dirty and get under the bonnets or our cars.

Most things on cars, all though seem incredibly complicated and difficult, are relatively simple; older cars especially, which is handy as they are more likely to break down. For example, the ABS system on the old Calibra is a simple cog on the driveshaft and a small magnetic sensor.

As the teeth of the gear pass the sensor, the magnet will pick up strong or weak pulses, feeding back to the cars computer, letting it know that that wheel is spinning, therefore not locked up and skidding. It’s a beautifully simple solution.

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Why YOU should watch the World Rally Championship – LIVE.

The final of this year’s World Rally Championship was nothing short of dramatic. It was going to decide whether 7 times world Champion Loeb was going claim an 8th title, making him the most successful rally driver of all time.

Or, could  Mikko Hirvonen snatch it from him and finally claim a WRC title?

Heading to Wales last weekend, we were all set ready to watch the new evolution of WRC cars battle it out.

One of the reasons for the new evolution of smaller cars was to bring more manufacturers into the championship, with Mini joining Ford and Citroën for 6 events in this year and VW joining in 2012, when the Mini WRC team will complete its first full championship.

The other reason was to close the gap between drivers – something it has evidentially done with only 0.2secs separating 1st and 2nd in Jordan early this year, and a full on battle raging between Hirvonen and Loeb going into this: Rally GB, the final the 2011 championship.

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Cars V Trains: Cheap at half the price…

Trains are cheap – immensely cheap.

This is the one major benefit of public transport, there is no initial outlay. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds initially, and thousands of pounds again on insurance, and then hundreds on tax. You also needn’t worry about fuelling it, or the repair bills you are inevitably going to incur. No, instead you simply buy a ticket, jump aboard, sit and enjoy the ride. Wonderful.

Public transport, be it bus, train or plane, also gives you time and space (sometimes) to think. And I mean properly think. Those lovely ‘Quiet Zones’ are the perfect place to get a bit of studying in, to get absorbed in a good book, or to just wonder through the mind. I’m startled by the memories, thoughts and, worryingly for some, ideas I come up with in these places. It was in one of those very zones that the idea for this series of posts came into my head. In fact, it’s on many a train that the scribblings for these posts are made.

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Trains V Cars: “Hell on Earth, This is Hell on Earth.”

Picture the scene, you’ve just been at work for 8 hours, you’re tired, you’ve run to the train station and 4 very rude ignorant imbeciles have barged in front of you. You’re exhausted, it’s Friday night and the girlfriend you haven’t seen for over two weeks is waiting at home for you.

There is a train in 10 minutes, and you’re on the right platform ready to go. What could possibly go wrong? Well if you’re stood on any platform at Birmingham New Street – every-last-bloody-thing imaginable.
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