|Rant| Is this the day that the music died for RWB?

Earlier in the year, Raul-Welt creations started to emerge from Japan and make its way into the mainstream. When that happened, I started to express a general concern about how I wasn’t sure if exposure into the global limelight was going to be a good thing for the once underground-awesomeness that was RWB. And then it happened…knock-off kits […]

|Photo| – RWB Photo Bomb!

From the beginning of time, I’ve been a fan of Raul-Welt Porsches. I’ve already done some posts on why I respect Nakai-san, and his desire to build his version of the perfect car. I just noticed that I had a lot of photos of Raul-Welt Porsches saved on my drive, and I decided that I […]

Can Raul-Welt (RWB) become ‘played out?’

Note: I’d advise watching the video in full screen. In my opinion, most things in life are cooler when fewer people know about them. Having something fall into the mainstream can risk a dilution of its uniqueness, as imitation starts to creep up. Years ago, Nakai-san and the Raul-Welt brand made a quiet, but impactful presence […]