|Video| So what did I think of the first @FIAformulaE race?

So the maiden Formula E race was this weekend, and I just had a chance to really look at some of the highlights in detail. (First of all, props to Formula E to actually provide some highlights of their races. Why Formula 1 doesn’t do this is absolutely baffling to me still.)

However, we’re not here to talk about Formula 1. This is Formula E. So here are some of my summary thoughts of the race.

  1. I love the fact that the cars have low grip tires, and low aero. The cars move around so much, that actually it makes it interesting to watch. They sound a bit weird, but, who knew that an electric race car would look so lively to drive? (+1)
  2.  It was such a clever idea for Alejandro Agag to have so many drivers with ex-Formula 1 experience. It made it that the quality of the driving standards for 99% of the race were pretty high, and makes the racing more exciting. Props for some of the overtaking that was being done. (+1)
  3. I know most people didn’t like it, but I like the fact that there was techno-music playing during the telecast. Reminds me of F-Zero, but still I think that makes race more interesting to watch. (+1)
  4. Street circuits? Always awesome. Can’t complain (+1)
  5. Those two car pitstops are still stupid, and I will never like them. Never. (-1) (Yes, I know that the technology will evolve and we won’t have them after a while, but I’d still rather just have two races, rather than one race with two cars per driver.)

Finally, let’s take a minute to talk about THAT crash. Yeah, the one where Prost turned into Heidfield and put him up into the barriers. I think that the crash was made worse, because of the sausage curbing on the inside. Otherwise, the car wouldn’t have gone flying into the car after that crash. I’m actually surprised that no course stewards had that removed.

Will the universe let Nick Heidlfield win anything? Just once? Please? I’m a fan of Quick Nick, so I was so sad to see him taken out of the race like that. Fortunately, I’m glad that the FE cars are built so well, because that could have been even more horrible for Nick. I know that Prost is getting a ten grid-spot penalty for the next race, but the penalty for such bad driving standards should be much higher than that in my opinion.

So more positives (+4) than negatives for the racing over all. (-1). I’m going to keep following these races, because I was definitely impressed.

What did you guys think of the race? Will you be following more Formula E?

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