|Introduction| Philip Thompson

Phillp 1

Hey y’all, I’m Philip Thompson from East Tennessee.

I currently race “classic cars” on dirt ovals locally. This past season, I have had a breakout performance claiming 16 feature wins! I grew up around dirt oval, following my dad and helping him on his cars from a young age. Karting on dirt ovals was my first experience behind the wheel after a brief stint in motocross.

Phillip 2

I moved into full size cars at age 16, and never looked back. With a desire to move up the ranks, I took a full time crew chief position for a local super late model team in 2010. I made a lot of great memories and learned a great deal through my experiences.

I’m a driver at heart, and went back to holding steering wheels full time in 2013. Since then, I stay committed to always learning and moving forward.

My experiences will bring a complete 180 degree perspective compared to the other contributors here on Starting Grid. I hope to bring some different views and opinions to the blog that will benefit our readers.

Phillp 2

As always, I can’t thank Davin for having me along with the people that make this possible for me: Skyline Transportation, Filmax Inc, Hooker Harness, Braille Battery, Threewide Clothing, and many others!

Find me on social media as well:

Photo credit: Foto’s by Nitro

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