|#F1| Does Formula 1 make dull sounds now?

Alright, I’m going to get right to the point here. So now we’ve got our new Formula 1 V6 engines running on track and out in the open. Do you like the new sounds that the turbo engine makes?

Just for a sample, we went from this with the V8s:

To this with the V6 turbos…

Ehh… I’m personally not a huge fan. I know the sound might grow on me, but it’s really not that inspired Formula 1 sound that I’ve grown to love over the last twenty or so years.

It’s not even this classic 80s sound, complete with Turbo lag..

I don’t care if the engines are more efficient, or using warp drive. Personally I think that Formula 1 cars should sound raw and inspiring, so that the fans are more involved in the experience. These new engines sound like a blender or a some household appliance, not a pure racing car…

Right now, the GP2 feeder series cars are more exciting to listen to. Hell, Indycar is more exciting to listen to. I can’t really see this, plus the ugly noses, being a good thing for the sport to draw in new fans.

Does anyone else agree?

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