|Video| Goalsetting – What’s your big goal? – I’m going to drive a formula car

I’m all about setting goals and setting BIG ones. Goals that will stretch you, make you learn new things and make you do things that you never thought you’d do before. When I started working with race karts, one of the things that I did was sit down and think about some long terms goals for myself, when it comes to racing. Of course there are those standard ones. “Win a race. One day win a class title”, but that’s pretty standard stuff.

If I’m going to do something, I need to have a big goal. What I call a ‘stretch goal’. Basically, a “you’re going to do what?!” goal. So I’ve decided.

One day, I’m going to race a formula car. There. I said it. It’s here in text for me to see. (Especially when I get frustrated and want to have a cry.)

Don’t get me wrong. I like racing karts, and I want to race karts for a long time. And I’m not saying anything crazy, like “Oh, I’m going to be Formula 1 World Champion”, but I want to race a season with a formula car one day. Something with proper wings and slicks, like a Formula 3 or a USF2000.


Yep. That’s what I’m going to do one day. So, in order to get a better idea of what that will be like, I took my parents’ advice and started to find ways to visualize what it would be like. I’ve been doing some research on what it’s like, so I can get my mind around making the opportunity happen.

Then I came on this ‘Shakedown Video’ about racing a Lola Formula 3. And honestly? Probably one of the best ‘what a race car is really like” videos that I’ve ever seen.

Watch. Enjoy. Learn something, and in the meantime think about what your big goal should be. Figure it out and tell me in the comments.

Leaving this video here just to remind me that for Formula 1000 is a good idea. 😉

2 thoughts on “|Video| Goalsetting – What’s your big goal? – I’m going to drive a formula car

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