No! Don’t let @FIAformulaE ruin itself with ‘Vote to Pass’


Ever since I heard about the introduction of the all-electric Formula E championship for 2014, I’ve been super excited for this.  I really want to see it successful. However, each new announcement that I’ve read seems to show that series has done everything that it can to completely turn itself into a joke before the first race has even started!

First , the series has teams using ‘two cars per race’, so that drivers are running to swap cars at the pit stops. That’s just silly. Let’s just admit this now. I can deal with it though, because quick charge battery technology is not very sophisticated yet.

Now Formula E wants to make itself into a complete farce by implementing a ‘vote to pass’ system in the races. This is where fans would be able to submit votes via Twitter, so that cars on the track would gain an extra boost of power to overtake. Like a fan elected ‘push to pass’.

Wait, what? No. No. No. No. No. No.  Just NO!!!!!!!!

— (Click here to listen to the Formula E press conference for this ‘Tweet to Pass’ idea is at 5:14. I haven’t found an embedded link yet.) —

Why screw this all up so early?! Look, I’m all for increasing the amount of interaction that fans get with motorsport via social media. I’m the first person to stand up and say that more drivers need to be on Twitter and Facebook as a standard. 

I’m all for change! I mean hell, I’m supporting an electric formula car series. But having a showy gimmicks that affect the actual races like that is a step too far, in my opinion.  It takes the racing element out of  it. You want people to take the racing seriously?  Make the racing show more about RACING technology around electric cars, not silly circus acts. Otherwise we might as well just have the cars go around on Scalextric tracks and have people tweet about what colorful car they like the most.

I get it. They want a younger demographic interested in the series, so that we have a new generation of people who like cars. I get the reasoning, but the implementation is lame!  Social media has its place in order to get more people involved. It’s really useful tool. Just don’t ruin the actual races with it.  So I’m not just complaining, here are some quick ideas of how you actually use it that aren’t just completely ridiculous.

  • Have the driver with the most tweets show up more on camera during the races.
  • Have pre-race briefings where the drivers and engineers tweet to fans.
  • Have people tweet to vote the livery of the race cars or helmet livery prior to events.

I don’t care! Just don’t affect the actual racing, if you want people to treat the series with legitimacy.  If I hear that a driver didn’t win the race because “he didn’t get enough tweets to overtake”, I’m immediately turning the TV off.

And that’s a damn shame. /rant

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