|Lifestyle| Remember your race family


I’m just winding down from a practice day at the kart track, and I’ve just been thinking about why I enjoy going to the track so much.

It’s more than just the speed, or the different racetracks. The most important thing that keeps me coming back to the track are the people.  It’s what a good friend of mine called to “the racing family.”


Although most people think of racing as a solo activity. Really that cannot be less true. The race community is really made up of a massive group of people from different walks of life. All who come together because of the love of our sport. They are made up of the people that you bond with, over the shared love of racing.

  • They are the people who work until 2am, so you can make it to the track.
  • The flaggers who crack a joke after a spin, once they make sure you’re ok.
  • The teammates that you share information with after each session, as you figure out how to improve your laptimes.
  • They’re even that rival that makes you push that little bit harder to get that position!

Your race family shares in your victories, challenge you on the track to push harder and join together during those times when we all struggle.


When you’re with the race family, it’s about living in the moment. They are the network of people which the scene thrives on. They are that unique group balance between competitors and friends. Without them, there would be no way to make any progress in the sport and lifestyle that I love. It’d be impossible to do anything without them, because hell they are the lifestyle. Sometimes I think we forget that when we get caught up in competition.

I’ve met some of the most incredibly, driven and passionate people, because of it. So whether I am winning races or struggling, they are what make it worth it to come to the track.


That’s really all I have to say. Just a bit of a one-shot post, with a bit of caffeine.

Does anyone agree? Who is in your race family?

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