#kart|World Formula| Running some practice days and prepping for races



Getting together with Team Xccel, our karting team for a practice day at  the SUMAS track

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything in this project log, but plenty of things have been happening! Since we’ve got our karts running, my teammate Steven Taylor and I have been having several practice days, at different tracks in the Pacific NorthWest area.

Before we started, one of our goals has been to spend the fall and winter time doing as many practice days as we can, so we can understand our karts better, figure out what spare parts we need, and what we should be doing before traveling to races next year.


The more seat time that we get in the rain, the faster we’ll be in the dry. Bring on the water!

Being the Pacific Northwest, it rains a lot, which has been giving us plenty of rain practice at the track.  I’m personally happy about that, because I think that driving in the rain gives a good place to train, and saves us money from using our slick tires during practice. (Although, I find that we’re spending more money on wet gear…gah)


Glamor shot of the inside of our transportation van, nicknamed ‘Stan’

Steven and I are just getting started in this outdoor karting business, so most of days have been about understanding what tools we don’t have, and getting used to loading our karts in and out at different tracks.

We’ve got a decent handle on being able to load most of our equipment in our kart-van, and can just about everything that we need to our own little independent karting operation at the track.  (Although I find myself surfing the web to make sure that we have plenty of spare parts for karts over next year.)


I’ll let Steven speak for himself, but I’ve been spending my track time working on softening up my kart, so that it was easier to handle. When we first got it together, it would bind up a lot, which just made it difficult to turn/ exhausting to drive.

Between learning a little bit more about how to set up my chassis, (and going to the gym,) it’s getting easier to handle each time I go out.


Teammate selfy! We’ve got team jackets made up now, so now at least we look faster. 😉

If we’re honest about being ready for racing next year, we’re a little over halfway there. As we get more experience we’ll know where to find the things that we need.

2013/14 has always been planned to be a year of serious newbie learning, as far as just being able to get ready to go to the track properly! As far as I’m concerned, it’s always a success, when Steven and I can get all of equipment there and back with only a few hiccups.

It’s been a blast. Though now it’s really time for the races to start. (I promise I’ll get more action shots soon. I need to wrangle some pictures from a couple of people. 😉 )

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