|#Karting| World Formula – Getting ready for our first practice day


Getting the karts ready for practice. Steven is designing our new StartingGrid sticker kits, so stay tuned for that.

For the spring and summer months, my teammate Steven Taylor and I have been building World Formula karts. We’ve been spending weekends putting our karts together, running back and forth between kart shops, and asking question after question.

With both of us being new to the world of competition karting, it’s been a massive learning curve getting everything ready.

You’ve probably seen the videos of the first kart running. Well now, Steven has gotten his kart running too. So now it’s time for us to get ready for our first practice day.

Transportation – How are we going to get to the track?!

Once we got the karts running, we needed a way to be able to get them to the track easily. It need to be covered and also could have several uses to pick up other equipment. Basically, we decided that needed a van. After doing some research, I was able to find a 1992 GMC Rallye van for sale through one of my friends.

Last week, we made sure that both karts would actually fit in the van, so that we weren’t scrambling around the night before. After removing the bench seat, it was just large enough to fit two karts after we removed the bumpers. Perfect transportation size!

We’ll be going to PSGKA in Spanaway on July 28th to run the karts on a test day. Any local |StartingGrid| readers should come, while we’re there.  (Location link)

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