|Pure Sound| @ Spa – Ferrari Formula 1

Something about this video stands out for me, but I’m not sure what it is.

Maybe it’s how the camera is placed on track. Maybe it’s because the driver isn’t pushing the car to the limit like F1 drivers do during the races. Whatever it is, for some reason this video seems to show better movement of a Formula 1 car from a track-side camera than most videos that I’ve seen.

Whatever. It really doesn’t matter. Just listen to this noise! Amazing!

2 thoughts on “|Pure Sound| @ Spa – Ferrari Formula 1

  1. This looks to be a Corsa Clienti weekend where guys like you and me, who happen to be hella ass rich (unlike you and me), drive their retired Ferrari F1 cars around a track, Spa, in this case.

    I love the video for the sounds. I hate the video for seeing F1 cars going slow. You or I would be going fast enough to have the car step out a bit, don’t you think?

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