|Formula 1| MP4-28 comes to town


Well keeping with my interest in Formula 1 new car launches, today Mclaren released the MP4-28 as the Woking team’s contender for the 2013 season.

Although it looks much like the MP4-27 from 2012, there are some key differences that really stand out. The easiest to point out off the cuff is the higher nose, new pull-rod suspension (see video) and redesigned side-pods to emulate Ferrari’s 2012 design.

I’m keeping this post short as you can find pictures of the new car all over the net. Plus this is the launch version of the car, so things will always changes before the first test and race.  Anyway, see the launch video for the MP4-28 after the jump.

One thought on “|Formula 1| MP4-28 comes to town

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