Fine Art Friday: Artistic Car Photos of Neil Enns

Photo credit: Neil Enns | Dane Creek Photography

Photo credit: Neil Enns | Dane Creek Photography

Photographer Neil Enns recently visited Canepa Motorsports in Scotts Valley, California and made a couple great photos of a 57 Corvette and 34 Ford Bonneville racer. The splash of color above is the taillight of a 1957 Corvette Canepa currently has for sale.

Dash of 34 Ford So Cal coupe Bonneville racer

Photo credit: Neil Enns | Dane Creek Photography

Our second image is of the dash of a well known car, the 1934 Ford So-Cal coupe. This is a piece of hot rod history, setting records on the salt at Bonneville and influencing hot rod style from the covers of magazines with its Frank Kurtis Indy car nose. Rarely do you see photos like this one, of the parts of the car a driver would care most about. Rumbling across slippery salt at 160+ miles per hour, you’re not going to care that the paint looks good, you’re going to be much more concerned about temps and pressures. I love the big manifold pressure gauge that looks like it was pulled from a World War 2 era airplane.

Thank you very much for sharing your picture Neil! To see more of Neil’s work, visit his website at:

Our pals at SpeedHunters have a couple articles on Bruce Canepa and his museum. Here is a link to a set of photos of some of the cars there. I plan on paying the museum a visit when next I am visiting the Bay Area. I wonder if Mr Canepa still has that 959…

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