|Race Capture| Watch Live Data From 25 Hours of Thunderhill

Brent from Autosport Labs is at Thunderhill for the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and he has two Race Captures installed on cars run by Krider Racing. He didn’t have enough time to connect the Race Captures to the cars to get engine data. However, by just throwing the Race Captures in the cars, speed and lap count is being recorded, as well as G data (X, Y, Z, and yaw) from the on-board sensors.

Check out the live streams at the following links:
Krider Blue Car
Krider Red Car

The Race Capture IndieGoGo campaign is going until early January 2013. Visit their IndieGoGo page for more information or to order a Race Capture for yourself.

I continue to be captivated by this thing, especially by seeing the live data stream with GPS positioning of the race car. Very cool stuff.

One thought on “|Race Capture| Watch Live Data From 25 Hours of Thunderhill

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