|Video| Lewis Hamilton – “Moving on” #F1

Today, Lewis Hamilton finished his last race for Mclaren-Mercedes, moving to the Mercedes AMG F1 team for 2013. (Take a look at our post of his career move here.) His career has been filled full of success, with chapters of ‘what might have been’ where a combination of team and driver were not living up their potential at times.

The 2008 world champion and the sport’s first black competitor, Lewis’ career has not been without controversy. However, his flashes of sheer-speed have shown the world that he’s one of the world’s fastest talents.

His hope that moving to Mercedes will cause him a change in environment, which may bring him even more success. The Mercedes works team’s current form leaves questions whether Hamilton will be able to enjoy the same success, as he has with his ‘old team’. However, Mercedes has the potential to become a giant killer, if they make full use of the resources that they have.

Will Lewis to Mercedes be more like Schumacher’s to move to Ferrari in the early 2000s, or massively frustrating like Valentino Rossi to Ducati in Moto GP?

I’m looking forward to 2013, and the new chapter in this young man’s story.

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