Is Formula E the future of the motorsport? Is it a good idea? #F1 #racing #formula

The saying is that racing does improve the road car brand. However, observers are always arguing in motorsport where the fine-line is in racing between automotive development and indulgent fantasy. Teams in Formula 1 can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to uncover tenths of seconds using J-Dampers and blown diffusers, but in reality tese developments have very little technological importance to the road car.

Entertaining as it all is, it’s not always relevant to the ‘real-world’. Which in turn, makes it harder to get new companies to be involved with motorsport. However a ‘solution’ may have been found.

Welcome to the Formula E championship. The idea is to develop a 14 car series in 2014, scheduled to race on street circuits around the world like Rio-de Janeiro. Performance of the Formula E cars seem around 0-60 in 3 seconds and a top speed of 150mph. At the moment, there have not been any teams registered, but 2014 is a bit of away off.

There are some limitations in the initial EF01 Prototype. I’ve read that the car can’t complete a race distance with a charge, for example, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In theory if Formula E grows successfully, the automotive world has a potential platform to advance the development of electric technology into the world of road-cars like the Tesla Roadster. This of course, in a perfect world, would matriculate out to other areas of motorsport. Cars do need better brakes, suspension and the like… *hint hint*

Electric cars racing around street-circuits? Now all we need to do is figure out how to simulate the sound of a V10, so the fans have something to hear and we’ve got a cracker-jack idea for a race series. I’m really looking forward to the growth of this series.

Just a short post, but what do you guys think about Formula E?

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