Street Parked: 1967 Dodge Dart

Dodge Dart rear profileIn 1967 the fourth generation of Dodge Dart was released. It was bigger than the third generation, but was still “compact” and weighed under 3000 pounds. This car is a base model Dart 2 door sedan with the venerable 170 cubic inch (2.8 liter) slant six engine. It seems that by the late 60s the trend of trying to make smaller American cars was fading. This Dart is a fairly sizable car for being an entry model, it would dwarf a VW Beetle.

Dodge Dart hood detail
Perhaps surprising to the manufacturers was that in 1967 California’s governor, Ronald Reagan, would establish the California Air Resources Board to combat the evils of uncontrolled emissions. This would lead to the end of the muscle car era as engineers struggled to meet the growing emissions restrictions while preserving power. This emissions systems free Dodge made 101 horsepower from its slant six. How far have we come that a new Fiat 500 with 100 horsepower is considered woefully underpowered, even if it emits a couple orders of magnitude fewer emissions than this Dart.
Dodge Dart interior
These cars have earned a reputation for legendary longevity. This is partially due to the lack of frills installed to break, but also to the simple design of the drivetrain. There just isn’t much fail in these cars.
Dodge Dart profile
This base model car is a conservative looking thing offering modest performance. Dodge offered in 1967 a full range of engines in the Dart, ranging from larger slant sixes to V8s in sizes up to the 340 cubic inch (5.6 liter) powerhouse featured in the Dart GTS coupe. In 1968 you could get the sexy no post coupe Dart branded as a “Demon” with a 440 cubic inch (7.2 liter) celebration of hydrocarbons and burnt rubber.
Dodge Dart nose
When I was a teenager in the mid 80s, cars like this one were ubiquitous in high school parking lots. I was a bit of an oddball in my neighborhood for having a Japanese car (a ’74 Celica) instead of a car like this one or a lowbrow muscle car like a tired and beat Monte Carlo. One of my post high school buddies had a Dart of this car’s vintage with the larger slant six. His car was the coupe, which had frameless windows and was blue with a white landau top. To me, that car dripped as much class as a 19 year old guy could attain. At the time, I was driving a race car build in progress, ugly Fiat 124 Spider, which sounds cool now, but in 1988 was just a beat up old loud convertible.
Dodge Dart rear quarter
I’m glad to see this car still in service, obviously running an errand to the hardware store. Let’s hope the owner keeps it going to years to come.
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