Petrolicious: Welcome to the Land of Lancia

This week’s Petrolicious video is about a favorite car and brand of mine, Lancia. The Fulvia in the video holds a parking spot in my heart. It is neither a muscular sports car nor a cushy luxury car, but it stir passion by doing everything well. When tuned properly, the Fulvia was a Rally terror – as most Lancias were. In street trim, they were comfortable performance touring cars tailor made for the narrow, winding roads of Italy. Don’t let the front drive, 1.4 liter narrow angle V4 deceive you, these cars are a blast to drive.

Perhaps some day I’ll get to have one. Until then, this video will have to suffice.

Thanks Petrolicious, you never disappoint.

2 thoughts on “Petrolicious: Welcome to the Land of Lancia

  1. Great car . I have a 1964 Nissan Silvia csp311 which was designed for the Japanese by a German and is is almost a twin for this car . It has all the same mechanicals as the Fairlady convertible of the same era .

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