Full carbon- Miata?! What?! Yes! I don’t even care that this is not coming from our blog. You need to see this!

To confirm your suspicions let me just say, yes; this car is made entirely of carbon fiber.  A carbon car if you will.  This car was built and belongs to Mike from Autokonexion; a shop you probably aren’t familiar with unless you own a Miata.  Which is to be expected because Mike is a pretty behind the scenes guy.  If I showed you a picture of this car however, I’m sure you may become a little more familiar to the man behind the work…or, errr, the work behind the man?  Anyway, my good friend Kodi had the car to take to the Formula D show last weekend, so after he was wrapped up with that I drove up to the 626 and met him at Maxim Cafe for a coffee.

After I finished my Spanish Coffee and was on an incredibly strong caffeine high, we drove down the street…

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