|Video| Kamui Kobayshi- Simulator Footage

Racing sims and simulators have been a hot-topic of discussion around some of my friends recently. Many of my peers don’t have the full budget to run a race car on a track often enough to get proper seat time. However, with access to a good racing wheel and sim, we can get at least some seat time in order to practice for our next time at the track.

I’ve always thought that a good racing sim is helpful for developing good racing habits. Granted, it doesn’t give you the full one hundred percent experience of racing, but it does start to teach you more about how to better develop those skills.

In my opinion, it’s more about using a simulator to develop better mental programming for when you do have the opportunity to get back to a racetrack. Not just for when you’re driving, but how to develop your mindset around the paddock as well.

If you’re interested about how some of the professionals use simulators, check out this post we did about a year ago.

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