|Exclusive| First Tesla Model S in the Northwest

Model S pulls away
This is the very first Tesla Model S delivered in the Northwest. I happened upon this car as I was walking home tonight and the Tesla Service Center guys were nice enough to let me in to drool with them all over this car. I’ve written about the Tesla Service guys before, they’re motoring enthusiasts of the highest order.

Model S Nose
This Model S is a Founder Edition – available only to a select few early Tesla investors. The service team would not disclose who owns this car.
Model S Founder Badge
The guy who did the pre-delivery inspection reported that this car is very quick. The 0-60 time is supposed to be 4.4 seconds. This guy drives Tesla Roadsters on a daily basis, I trust his butt dyno. He mentioned that it doesn’t feel as big as it is and that it corners flat and turns in briskly. I’d love to get a day behind the wheel. Tesla has only allowed car reviewers short stints of ten minutes or so driving the Model S. Perhaps this Model S’ owner is a reader of StartingGrid.org? If so, we’d love a turn behind the wheel.
Model S rear
The Model S is a big car, surprisingly low and wide. There is a ton of storage room with front and rear trunks. Yes, this car has a front trunk just like a VW Type 3 or MR2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a shot of the “frunk”.
Model S trunk

The Founder Edition cars all have the giant 300 mile battery pack. From the floor height of the trunks, it appears that all the drive gizmos and batteries are mounted low in the car. With its low center of gravity, we shouldn’t be surprised if the Model S is fun for corner carving. Again, if the owner of this Model S is willing, we’d love a chance to try it out and share the capabilities with our audience. I spent last weekend living out of a Miata at a LeMons race, the Model S would have allowed me sufficient room for a nap and privacy to change into my driving gear.
Model S Interior

I’m really excited that I got to see this car. I understand the skepticism many people have, there is something very Tucker-esque about Tesla. However, Tesla is doing it. Their factory is running and they are delivering cars. My quick take on the Model S is that it’s a no excuses luxury car.Model S dash
The dash is super high tech without being gimmicky. The center stack is a ginormous touch screen monitor that is a bit distracting when first viewed, but I bet a Tesla owner gets used to it after a few hours behind the wheel.

Thank you to the Tesla Service Center guys who allowed me to come in and ogle this car. Seeing any brand new car is a cool thing; seeing one that has been designed at the bleeding edge of technology and assembled in North America is beyond awesome. Again, if the owner of this Founder Edition Model S is willing, we’d love a chance behind the wheel and report on what it’s like. We’re mechanically empathetic sorts here at StartingGrid, have you seen our cars?

One thought on “|Exclusive| First Tesla Model S in the Northwest

  1. Brilliant find, man! I would love to be able to test drive one. I’m slowly growing more accustomed to seeing more electric cars in the marketplace.

    Not saying I’d trade my Miata in for one, but I’d love to give one a go on the autocross course. 😉

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