|Music for the Road| – Zedd:’Spectrum’

So before I ended up spending the afternoon ‘fixing’ the site from our hack-attack, I did actually have something else planned.

As much as I love listening to the sound of my engine when on the road, one of the things that I realized about driving is how much a good soundtrack can make a trip go back faster.

So, I’ve opened up a new section of the site called ‘Music for the Road’. This area will only include music that we think makes good music to listen to our cars. I figured that it would be a cool way to expose you guys to some good music, as well as give you some playlist suggestions.

My first entry is a D&B (Drum and Base) selection, ‘Zedd – Spectrum (feat. Matthew Koma)’. This is one I like to play when tunnel-blasting in Project Kyoko.

Let me know if you like the ‘Music of the Road’ section, ok? Think you have some good ones? Let me know and I’ll post them.

Remember, driving music only!

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