|Rant| Is this the day that the music died for RWB?

Earlier in the year, Raul-Welt creations started to emerge from Japan and make its way into the mainstream. When that happened, I started to express a general concern about how I wasn’t sure if exposure into the global limelight was going to be a good thing for the once underground-awesomeness that was RWB.

And then it happened…knock-off kits have started to appear of Nakai-san’s unique body kits. This body kit by VAD is just the first example that I’ve found. It’s clear that they’re trying to copy the Raul-Welt style, even down the riveted fenders. They say that imitation is the kindest form of flattery, but honestly I just feel like aero-kits like this start to white-wash out the impact that RWB has spent so much time trying to build.

Does this have the raw-style of an RWB car? No. Does this car look like it was built with meticulous passion and care? No. Take a look at any videos of Nakai-san working on one of his projects, and you’ll see that Rauh-Welt cars are built with a bespoke passion and enthusiasm that can’t be duplicated. But it sure can be washed out by imitation-look kits.

Does anyone care about imitation parts? Am I overreacting?

2 thoughts on “|Rant| Is this the day that the music died for RWB?

  1. VAD did not knock of RWB. Widebody? or wider arches on porches happened way before RWB came into the mainstream spotlight of thousands of people.

    • This is different. VAD invited Nakai-san to visit them and learn about the types of kits that he made, before just starting to make look-ones that are 95% similar.

      To me that says forgery.

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