|Lifestyle|- Are older cars actually more fun?

We’ve all seen ‘Wagon Attack’. A video about a guy who buys a Honda Civic wagon for $1000, and has a blast blazing through the dunes of Michigan. Besides just being awesome , the ‘lesson’ behind the movie was how older cars can have a much higher fun value/dollar ratio than the modern equivalent.

As car people, the film raises a point worth considering.  We all know that there are cars for sale that are ‘diamonds in the rough’. On the other hand, we’ve all been guilty of looking at the new Scion FRS,  and wondering what that would be like to own. (Tell me you haven’t done that at least one time!)

Especially when approaching a new project, the question should be asked; “Is purchasing an older car actually worth it?” Here are just some points to consider.

  1. The purchase price for an older car now is relatively less expensive than the modern counter-part- Obviously, because the car has already properly depreciated before you’ve gotten your hands on it.
  2. Most of the technical troubleshooting older cars have been done by people before you– When you have an older car, you can rely on other people’s prior knowledge working on the platform to help you get ahead of known issues. That can be super helpful, especially if you are a do-it-yourself type when it comes to auto repair.
  3. The money saved on purchasing an older car can be put into upgrading it- If you’re like me, and can’t leave a car well enough alone, you find yourself wanting to personalize it to make it more ‘yours’. If you find yourself a deal on an older car, you can take that money to put into finding upgraded parts.

Now of course there are some downsides, but it’s just something to think about…

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