|Video| How #F1 Qualifying should be…

In recent years in Formula 1, the tactics of the sport have transformed into a tire conservation formula.
With these temperature-sensitive Pirelli tires, teams now elect to sit out certain sessions of practice and/or qualifying in order to have the best potential chances to score points during the Grand Prix on Sunday.

Now that all makes perfect sense, but as a fan it can be unbelievably BORING if nothing is happening. It can be down-right distressing to discover that your favorite driver has decided to sit out the final qualifying shootout, ‘just’ in order to have a better tire selection… (Especially if you’re up at 1 in the morning to watch it on your local time zone.)

What I miss are qualifying sessions like these… It may be a pointless dog-fight, but it was at least exciting.

Maybe we need to return to having a ‘qualifying tire’?

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