|Rant|-Will the REAL Mini Cooper please stand up?

Apparently Mini, like Lotus, has gone insane. I just read that they are coming out with a two door version of that abomination that is the Countryman. It looks like this…

I can’t even put into words the rage I feel by seeing this…thing. Who needs this? Why even call it a Mini? It’s not even tiny! Whatever happened to lightness, agility and efficiency?

Whatever happened to the actual Mini Cooper? Our small little friend that spent Sunday afternoons tripoding around cones, and showing larger cars the business? If I were Paddy Hopkirk, and saw what they were calling Mini’s nowadays, I’d go around bashing heads in.

Bring back the Mini please. What we have now is a BMW.


4 thoughts on “|Rant|-Will the REAL Mini Cooper please stand up?

  1. The “Countryman” (I have a hard time even typing it) looks like someone hooked up an air hose and drastically overinflated the Cooper.

  2. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing something like this, if the money used from sales of this car was being used to develop a JCW Super 2000 Mini, or something else small like that.

    But right now I have the same rage that I had when I found out that Porsche was creating the Panamera. Thanks for selling out even more, Mini-BMW.

  3. Sharks are being jumped! A two door countryman is pointless. If they want an all wheel drive option to homologate a Group N or Super 2000, they should forget about this puffed up mall cruiser and build an STI fighting Cooper S.

    But Mini won’t, because they’ve fallen into the product design doldrums of “SUV = good” and are making needlessly raised, needlessly heavy, underperforming slop wagons to sell to the lowest common denominator who they can get financed.

    Totally lame.

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