I was just thinking about what it would take to put an F20C into an NA Miata. I’m actually pretty glad someone beat me to it, so that I get even more inspired!

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Quite interesting engine swap option for your track oriented NA! I really do like the characteristic of the Honda F20C/F22C engines. This powerplant bolted in an 2200lbs chassis should work pretty well on track!

Some specs about the car:

Torik Motorsports S2000 powered Miata

 – 1990 chassis with no exterior body modifications.
– 2001 Honda S2000 F20C motor & 6-speed transmission
– Fidanza flywheel with new clutch/pressure plate
– Mazda 1.8 rear w/Torsen diff and 4.30 r&p
– LS big brakes(2002 NC) w/Hawk pads
– Extensive rollcage constructed
– Aluminum dashboard w/S2000 gauge cluster.
– Flyin’ Miata aluminum radiator
– AutoMeter shift light with programmable pills(set to 8600 RPM)
– Factory Mazda hardtop w/ Lexan rear window
– “Shorty” 4-into-1 header, 2-1/2” exhaust & Dynomax muffler
– Custom cold-air intake box w/vented lid
– Apexi VAFC mounted on dash
– Custom front splitter/diffuser
– weight 2200lbs w/o driver


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