Street Parked: Russian GAZ Volga Double-take

Volga Siber
StartingGrid pal Alan Dahl sent in a couple shots of this street parked Volga Siber parked somewhere in Russia. Does this car look familiar to you? It should, behind that chrome grill lurks a Dodge Stratus.

I would have never thought in a million years that GAZ would badge engineer a Volga from anything, let alone an American car. But that’s exactly what happened. In April of 2006, the license and production tooling for the Stratus and Sebring were sold to the GAZ company. GAZ contracted an English design firm to style a Volga model from the Sebring and Stratus bits. A different grill and lights were added to create the new Volga Siber.
Volga Siber Back
If you’re like me, you associate Volga cars with the KGB. The Volga was an aspirational car for Soviet operatives, Vladamir Putin has a restored GAZ 21. Volgas are supposed to be fast and tough. I don’t think of fast or tough when I see a Sebring, Stratus, or Siber.

Rebadging a Stratus or Sebring as a Volga Siber for entry in a LeMons race would elevate you to crap-can legend status. Who will be the first to do this? I would, but Pujo! the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys’ Peugeot is just too tough and reliable.

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