Street Parked: 1963 Thunderbird

The Thunderbird evolved in its early generations in a wild pendulum swing of style. The first generation cars were svelte and compact compared to their heavy and awkward looking “Squarebird” successor. This car, known as the “Bulletbird”, gave the car a sleek, futuristic appearance complete with “rocket exhaust” taillights.

This body style was cutting edge when introduce in 1961. The character line that runs the length of the car terminates in a subtle tail fin. For me, the most interesting view of this car is from the front quarter. The bumper integrates cleanly into the leading edge of the fender in a way that cuts a striking profile.

These are busy looking cars, there are styling details everywhere. The 1963 model added a triple set of gills to the doors making the profile draw the eye forward.

Beneath the hood is housed a massive FE 390 cubic inch (6.4 liter) V8 engine that produced up to 345 horsepower. The Thunderbird was a powerful boulevard cruiser.
The Thunderbird was always a personal luxury coupe and the 1963 model clearly fits the bill with its red leather interior.


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