|Feature|- KL Powered V6 Miata: “Just a little bit different”

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So this weekend, I was picking up a speedometer cable for Kyoko from another local Miata-phile, David DeRegt. While I was there, I got a quick look at his V6 powered Mazda Miata. I grabbed a picture on Twitter, and my followers wanted to know more about it.

This car was originally built by another local autocrosser, Mark Snell, before it was picked up as David’s project.  When it was Mark’s car, it had been featured in the briefly-run ‘Forever MX-5’ magazine. See video below of Mark and the “KLata”

Now David is working on a “new” Street-Mod Miata project, and his “KLata” is now up for sale. A fun Miata fact-  My old Miata, Kasumi donated her hood and headlights cover for this car.  Check out David’s sale thread. Worth a look, as it has the stat sheet has more information.

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